Example integration for your web-app, website, eCommerce, intranet,...


Customer Interaction

Make it easy for your customers to interact with your products. Capture their attention and fuel their imagination.

Coshape Evolution

2D and 3D drawing

Coshape Evolution

Advanced 3D interaction


Production Data

Prepare and manipulate data for manufacturing machines. Generate different outputs like BOMs, Manuals, etc. and integrate it with your online shop, ERP, production, ...

Coshape Evolution

E.g. .DXF output

Coshape Evolution

Nesting .SVG, .STL & generating .PDF

Automatic Data Generation
for Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing

Offer an integrated solution for Professionals, Consumer, and Prosumer.
Optimize capacity utilization, save time and raw materials, grow your customer base and satisfaction.


Create and Customize

Increase conversion rates.Educate and consult effectively.Capture customer interaction.Know what customers value most.Hook the customer.


Customer Insights

Generate qualified leads.Give instant pricing.Generate quotation documents.Upsell effectively.Provide a common language for sales, engineering and the customer.


Data for Production

Generate production-ready data.Automate manufactureability checks.Define product constraints.Optimize machine data.Optimize production planing and utilization.

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of consumers are much more likely to buy from companies who allow them to shape their products or services.



of buying decisions are based on how well the customers feel they are understood.



of B2B customers say the buying experience is a more important decision factor than price.



of B2B buyers will only consider doing business with brands that understand and care about each customer’s needs.



Advanced Design Interaction

Offer endless possibilities in such a way as to enable your customers to get the products they really want.

Coshape Evolution

Smart Draw
scribbling made easy

Coshape Evolution

forms and cut-outs and...

Coshape Evolution

in any file format

Integration in your web-app, website, web-shop,...

Coshape Evolution

Facebook integration

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